Big Brother 2012: Becky, Sara doubt Ashleigh & Luke's 'romance'

Luke S and Ashleigh

Big Brother housemates Sara and Becky have joined Deana in doubting Luke S' relationship with Ashleigh.

The pair discussed the house romance in the bathroom yesterday evening.

Becky speculated: "I think it will fizzle out after the show, they both live so different lives."

Sara meanwhile suggested that Ashleigh's feelings were genuine, even if Luke's weren't.

She told Becky: "I think Ashleigh really, really likes him."

Meanwhile, in the living area, Ashleigh and Luke S continued their flirting .

"I think you looked amazing and if your girlfriend thinks you look amazing…it's fine," Ashleigh told Luke.

And she asked: "If you came out of here and you were a proper star, would you still date me?"

Luke replied: "Well, technically I'd have to finish with you."

He explained: "I wouldn't not be dating you because we're past the dating stage..."

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