Big Brother news: Luke S reveals he wants to be single!


It seems it could be all over for Big Brother's Luke S and Ashleigh, after some telling revelations tonight.

Earlier today, Big Brother set out to prank Luke S, making him think that TV producers wanted him for some shows when he left the series.

As part of the task, Luke S had a discussion with a fake media agent about projects in the task room.

The fake rep asked: "Are you coming out of here thinking The Bachelor, single life, or Katie & Peter, celebrity wedding?"

"I don't know, I'd prefer the Bachelor life if I'm honest," Luke S replied, with Ashleigh out of the room.

He added: "But we'll see what happens.

"I'd prefer that, but we bounce off each quite well, but I'd have more fun that way."

Luke S returned to the house and was quickly back kissing and hugging Ashleigh, who is still none the wiser about Luke's comments.

We're hoping they somehow make their way onto the plasma telly in the living area...

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