Big Brother news: Luke S tips himself to make the final five!

Luke S (Big Brother 2012)

Luke S has said he reckons he could make the final five on Big Brother later this year.

Luke S and Conor were in the living area reflecting on tonight’s eviction.

“Two thirds of the house has gone,” mused Luke S “If it goes how I think, I could make out the last five.”

He told Conor that he can’t say who those people are: “It would influence who to get rid of,” he claimed.

They both agree that they would like to be in the final and Luke S smiles then mused: “333,33.33.” “That would be amazing,” beamed Conor.

Adam and Deana meanwhile were in the garden.

He mentioned that he is excited about the week ahead then they both growled at each other. “We have to be tigers in this jungle,” Adam told her and Deana replied: “I’m a lioness, they will never defeat us,” and smirked.

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