Big Brother 2012: Deana feels Conor is after her!

Deana argue

After last night's latest Big Brother eviction, Deana was in the bedroom feeling paranoid.

She told Luke A that she is worried about Conor’s attitude towards her after the Northern Irish housemate survived eviction.

“He’s gonna be f**king after me now,” she fretted and Luke A told her not to worry.

But Deana insisted: "He's going to make sure every puts me up for nomination."

They mentioned Shievonne’s eviction and Luke A suspected that she must have been “really hated.”

Earlier in the evening, Conor had apologised to Becky and Scott but not to Deana for his comments.

Conor was at the dining room table making peace with Scott and Becky. “If I’ve done anything to f**k you off, tell me,” he urged. He told Scott: “I like you, and I like Becky.”

Becky mentioned Conor’s actions in the diary room with Arron towards her and Deana. “I was disgusting and angry and I regret what I said,” admitted Conor.

Becky accepted his apologies and they share a hug.

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