Big Brother sets housemates secret task to prank Luke S!

Luke S (Big Brother 2012)

Today, with the housemates’ help, Big Brother is going to play a prank on Luke S and try to convince him that outside talent agencies and TV companies want HIM … but first he’ll have to prove he has what it takes

Big Brother will call Luke S to the diary room and tell him that at this point in the series, it’s not unusual for outside media agencies to show interest in housemates for work post-Big Brother. Big Brother will also imply that it is not unusual for us to help facilitate these requests – sometimes even when the housemate is still in the House – and that today, waiting in the Small Task Room is a media representative (Leon) who would like to meet Luke S for an informal chat about work opportunities.

Housemates will be informed of this prank via a plasma presentation and will be instructed to play along.

Leon will ask Luke S to do the following three things and ask him not to discuss this meeting with any of his fellow Housemates:

Because of his incredible physique, it’s only natural that he should have his own calendar. To help convince him, Luke S will be shown some fake photographs from Arron’s calendar that he has “shot” since leaving the house. Whereas Arron’s shots look sexy and sultry, Luke S’ are going to look a little more seasonal - Luke S will be asked to pose and dress up in various ridiculous seasonal outfits in front of a photo backdrop for some test shots.

Leon asks Luke S to go into the garden and do a test workout in front of one of the camera mirrors for Leon to record. If there are any housemates nearby, Luke S must clear them out of the area.

In a final chat with Leon, Luke S will be offered his very own TV show in which he travels around the world to the most glamorous clubs meeting the world’s hottest women BUT Leon needs to know if his relationship with Ashleigh is genuine and will last outside the House:

If YES – would he consider proposing to Ashleigh while still inside the house and doing a dating show with her as a couple?
If NO – would he sign something to say he would go ahead with the hot women/nightclub show?

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