Big Brother 2012: Nominations day rolls around again...

Big Brother 2012 Diary Room chair

It's nominations day again in the Big Brother house today, and this week will see a few twists.

As revealed yesterday, today's nominations will take place face to face, so there will be no complaints of being two faced this week.

But that's not the only twist Big Brother is pulling this week!

Yesterday, as part of this week's shopping task, the housemates were split up into groups.

Conor and Caroline have become the Sheriff and the deputy, while the remainder of the house has been split into The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

The three teams will be competing in a gold panning competition today, with the winning team being granted with immunity from nominations.

It's sure to mix up the results!

Check back to the site later to see how nominations go and who is facing the vote this week!

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