Big Brother 2012: Does Deana fancy Luke S?!

Deana Uppal (Big Brother 2012)

It seems Ashleigh has become paranoid again that some of the other Big Brother girls are after her bloke!

Deana revealed to Lauren has night how she and Ashleigh had clashed after remarking that Luke S had become nicer in the past few weeks.

Apparently such a comment must mean that Deana wants to get in Luke's boxers!

Lauren, who has also been accused by Ashleigh of fancying Luke, told Deana: "I don't know what she's so worried about, no one else wants him."

"No, not at all," insisted Deana.

Lauren agreed: "No thank you, very much."

But Deana did stand by her comments that Luke S was beginning to treat her differently.

She revealed: "But he has been different the past two weeks, he's been nicer to me, because of the argument me and Shievonne had."

Lauren suggested: "He's come out of his shell."

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