Big Brother 2012: Ashleigh's fallen for Luke S, says her sister


Despite recent doubts over their relationship, Ashleigh's sister has insisted her feelings for Luke S in the Big Brother house are real.

It comes as Luke admitted in a secret task yesterday that he'd prefer the Bachelor life once outside of the house.

Ashleigh's sister however insisted that her feelings at least were genuine.

"I don't think she'd be able to be fake. She's forgotten about the cameras - she doesn't even wear make-up! She probably thinks she's chilling at home with her mates!" Ashleigh's sister told Star magazine this week.

She said of Luke: "I like him, he's coming across really well.

"The way he treats her is really good and he seems genuine. I hope it's all going to be good when she comes out.

"When he went in, I thought 'Ashleigh will fancy him'. My parents really like him."

She added: "They're moving fast because they're together all the time. But I think she's really fallen for him."

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