Big Brother 2012: Conor, Caroline break the task rules already!

Caroline (Big Brother 2012)

For this week's shopping task, all the Big Brother housemates have to do is not break the rules, but it's proving hard for Conor and Caroline.

After various rulebreaks from the housemates, Big Brother this morning set a Rules for Fools task for the group.

Adam, Luke A and Luke S have become wardens and must issue tickets to any other housemate who breaks the rules.

Any housemate who receives two or more tickets will be punished, while if a warden doesn't spot a rulebreak they'll incur a fail for the task.

It took just a few hours for both Conor and Caroline to notch up a pair of tickets each, seeing them get sent to the punishment zone.

They had to paint coal for the afternoon, but the duo decided that following the rules just too boring.

"I love messing with authority, this was what I was like at school," Caroline giggled.

The cheeky pair broke free from the punishment zone and decided to paint over some of the signs in the house, including covering the 'NOT' in 'Housemates must not disrespect the wardens'.

While Caroline and Conor found the thing a laugh, Luke A wasn't impressed.

Watch a clip below!

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