Big Brother 2012: Ashleigh's dad warns Luke S!

Luke S (Big Brother 2012)

The dad of Big Brother housemate Ashleigh has warned Luke S that he'll be sure to keep an eye on him!

Speaking to Star magazine, Ashleigh's dad said that Luke seemed "decent enough", but he would want to see how he and Ashleigh were on the outside before giving the relationship his blessing.

Many of the other housemates have claimed that the romance is just for show, but Ashleigh's farther insisted it was the real deal.

He told the magazine: "Ashleigh's definitely fallen for him. But then things can change, so we'll have to wait and see."

Asked how he'd feel if the pair slept together on the show, Ashleigh's dad replied: "It would be uncomfortable but I wouldn't have a go at her. But if that did happen, when she came out, I'd be like 'What was going on there?'"

And he joked: "[Luke] could come and live in Essex - I can an keep an eye on him then!"

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