Big Brother breaks up Ashleigh and Luke S!


Even Big Brother has had enough of Ashleigh and Luke S, and this evening split the pair up until further notice.

The couple are on opposite sides in this week's turf wars task but have still been canoodling at every opportunity they've got in the neutral areas.

Calling them both to the Diary Room, Big Brother provided the duo with special 'anti-groping' outfits.

From now on, the pair must not touch, grope, canoodle or kiss one another.

In fact, Big Brother has banned both Ashleigh and Luke S from having any physical contact whatsoever, else they'll find themselves punished!

With the pair having had their hands tied behind their backs, it also means it'll be up to their teammates to help them eat and get around the house.

Although Conor didn't show much sympathy for Blue pal Ashleigh, pushing her onto the sofa face first after she finally managed to stand up on her own in the outfit.

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