Big Brother 2012: Arron, Luke S have blazing row

Arron - fuck you on chest

Big Brother saw another blazing row this afternoon, following on from Arron's rule break and subsequent punishment.

Last night, Arron broke the turf wars task rules by invading the blue team's territory.

This morning, Big Brother punished Arron and his green teammates by removing access to luxury food, the kitchen and the bathroom.

Waiting to go in the Diary Room, Arron tried to apologise to Luke, who had previously branded him a "d**k" for his actions.

Arron said: "Bro, I'm sorry didn't expect them to take both rooms and all the food, so just chill out for a minute.

"It's a game show bro, we'll get a new shopping budget."

Luke snapped back: "So why the break the rules to risk losing it all?"

Arron replied: "You're throwing away a friendship for the sake of a shopping budget."

A clearly unimpressed Luke retorted: "I'm not, I'm telling you I think it was a stupid."

As Luke stormed out of the living area to complain to the other housemates, Arron begged: "Bro please, I don't want to fall out with you."

It's certainly going to be interesting house if Arron stays in tonight!

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