Big Brother 2012: Luke S brands Arron Lowe 'a d**k'

Luke S (Big Brother 2012)

Big Brother pals Luke S and Arron Lowe had a big falling out this morning, following Arron's rule breaks.

Last night, Arron broke the turf wars task rules by invading the blue team's territory.

This morning, Big Brother punished Arron and his green teammates by removing access to luxury food, the kitchen and the bathroom.

All on the morning of the eviction, too!

Needless to say, the housemates weren't pleased.

"F**k," remarked Luke S, "You absolute d**k Arron."

Becky added: "What the f**k, you're a d**k, Arron."

A sheepish Arron said from under his bed covers: "Sorry guys, I didn't expect that amount of punishment."

Becky continued: "Well doneā€¦ what were you trying to do? Get airtime or something?"

Arron replied: "Becks, please don't, it's got nothing to do with airtime."

In the living area, and Luke took out his frustrations first on a chair before chatting to blue team member Lauren.

"I think it's f**king ridiculous, for him to sit there and have the nerve to say [the blue team] only had pot washing," he told her. "We've got luxuries to lose that's why we don't break the rules."

As Lauren surveyed the damage, she said: "F**king hell Arron, they've taken everything."

Joining them from the bedroom, Becky said: "He's just being smug about it, if it was the other way around and I did it he'd be absolutely fuming, he'd be calling e everything.

"He's a d**k."

Good thing for Arron that it's the public that decide who goes and not the housemates!

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