Big Brother news: Is Arron after Ashleigh?!

Arron Lowe (Big Brother 2012)

It seems that there's another Big Brother romance bubbling in the house, although this one could cause a fair few awkward tensions amongst the group.

Speaking in the kitchen this morning, Arron dismissed speculation that he wanted to get with Sara, telling Conor that she fancied him instead.

"If you weren't with your bird, I think Sara would be on you like a rash, that's the truth, it's plain," Arron told Conor. "Everything sh does is purely attracted to you."

Conor replied: "I don't see it."

But Arron insisted: "You're right up her street, on every level."

Arron meanwhile revealed he would've liked to get with Ashleigh, were it nor for Luke S... or Ashleigh's TOWIE obsession.

He said: "I didn't see Ash and Luke blossoming, I didn't see that happening... and then that comedian said something and bam, it's happening."

And the hunky model revealed to Conor: "She [Ashleigh] said me and her would've been the most compatible.

"If she hadn't have come in this house like a raging Essex psychopath I'd have had a bit of banter with her."

But he added: "I'd have never gone further."

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