Big Brother: Conor gets close with Ashleigh as she doubts Luke S romance

Conor (Big Brother 2012)

It looks like we've got the makings of a Big Brother love triangle, with Conor and Ashleigh getting close as she doubts her relationship with Luke S.

Last night, some of the housemates noticed Ashleigh and Conor heading for the bathroom and commented that the pair have “chemistry.”

In the bathroom, Ashleigh told Conor that she was unsure about her relationship with Luke S.

“I’m closer to you than I am with him,” Conor told her and said that she must not change who she is.

Ashleigh confessed: “I didn’t wanna get into a relationship, it’s only been f**king three weeks.”

She explained Conor that she wants to go back to her own bed and claimed that Luke S “overshadows” her in the house.

“He and Lauren are like a married couple,” Ashleigh quipped.

Back in the living area, Lydia commented that Ashleigh has a “boyfriend” and is now in the bathroom with Conor “like an old married couple.”

In the bathroom Ashleigh bemoaned: “I don’t think me and Luke are on the same page,” adding: “I’m not sure if it will work.”

But they both agreed that Luke S is “lovely.” “Any girl would be lucky to have him,” mused Ashleigh.

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