Big Brother 2012: Luke S and Ashleigh hoping for own reality show

Luke S and Ashleigh

Big Brother housemates Luke S and Ashleigh have revealed they're hoping for their own reality show after the show ends.

Speaking to Shievonne and Becky in the bedroom last night, the pair laughed off comparisons with previous couples Jay and Louise and John James and Josie.

But Luke said: "We'll have our own show, Luke and Ash."

"Luke and Ash take on Essex," Ashleigh added.

The couple hoped for a series that would follow them opening a bar in Brixton.

"Babe won't that be good," Ashleigh told Luke.

Meanwhile, the pair were interrogated by Shievonne and Becky over whether they would stick together on the outside world.

"100% my friends would like Luke," Ashleigh declared.

She reassured him: "They would like your personality because your personality is like me… kind of."

Well, we're convinced...

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