Big Brother 2012: Arron tells Deana he will nominate her


It looks like Deana can certainly expected one in vote in tomorrow's Big Brother nominations, and she'll know who it's from!

Speaking in the garden late last night, [tag t="arron lowe"]Arron[/tag] revealed that he had told [tag t="deana uppal"]Deana[/tag] that he was going to nominate her.

"That girl confuses the f**k out of me," Arron remarked.

[tag t="lauren carre"]Lauren[/tag] didn't look too surprised, saying: "You two don't get on do you?"

Arron explained: "She'll come up to me and go 'If you had a better personality, you'd be perfect'. Well even if I did, she still wouldn't be my type.

"She said to me 'You're nominating me aren't you?', 'You don't like me', and and I was like yeah."

Big Brother nominations take place tomorrow!

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