Big Brother UK left housemates suicidal, claims former winner Aaron

Aaron Allard-Morgan (Big Brother 2011)

Big Brother 2011 winner Aaron Allard-Morgan has claimed that four of last year's housemates have been driven to try and commit suicide.

In a passionate rant against the show's team, Aaron claimed that Big Brother UK bosses failed to prepare and help the show's housemates after they leave the house.

Aaron, who walked away with £50,000 during last year's series in November, said today: "The way you are treated during the show and after the show... it's not great. It's very difficult for people who have come out of the show. Even my experience as the winner has been up and down, I don't think you're prepared for it necessarily.

"Even in the street, it seems like a show like that gives people the license to shout abuse at you."

He went on: "It's a very bizarre experience, I'm very grateful for the opportunity and that I won, but for everyone else who was on the show it was a very hollow experience. They come out of it and life is not the same."

Speaking ahead of tomorrow's launch of the new Big Brother series, Aaron said he feared for the latest bunch of housemates.

He warned them: "I don't think they realise what they're letting themselves in for. In my experience they give you little preparation for what's likely to happen.

"It'll be interesting to see the fall out. I know from my year that four of them have tried committing suicide just because of the ramifications and the impact on your life.

"You don't get the aftercare you perhaps should be getting afterwards."

And Aaron offered a supporting hand to any housemates past, present and future.

He added: "I just hope that if they need help afterwards, I'm more than happy to give it."

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