Samantha Brick to join Celebrity Big Brother 2012?

Big Brother 2012

Daily Mail journalist, the self-confessed beautiful woman, Samantha Brick has been linked to the upcoming series of Celebrity Big Brother.

The writer became an overnight internet meme after her article in the newspapers earlier this week complaining about girls hating her for being so good looking.

Needless to say, that's all it takes to get an invite to join the Celebrity Big Brother line up.

The hack has already appeared on a string of TV shows this week defending her article, and even suggesting the backlash over her arrogance proves her point.

One source joked today: "There is no reason why this can’t be the beginning of a new and ‘beautiful career’ for her."

However we expect that Samantha should prepare herself to be voted out straight away, the public and her fellow housemates are sure to be well jel...

Watch Samantha Brick speaking on This Morning earlier this week...

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