Nicola McLean 'made herself sick' over Celebrity Big Brother arguments with Denise Welch

Nicola McLean (Celebrity Big Brother)

Nicola McLean has been left ill with stress over Celebrity Big Brother, blaming arguments with Denise Welch in the house.

Coming nearly a month after the show finished, Nicola revealed how she made herslef sick after her rows with the Loose Woman star.

Nicola tells Now magazine this week: "I love Denise and admire her on Loose Women but it really got to me that she seemed to think because we’ve posed in magazines we wouldn’t mind showing our bodies in the house.

"I’ve always had to deal with people’s opinions about me being a Page 3 girl – a job I had to do to survive after growing up extremely poor and with no qualifications."

She added: "My eating disorder’s been well documented in the past but, although I thought I’d beaten it, I actually made myself sick in the house that night.

"I felt so desperately upset – it was my only way of coping. The rest of the housemates thought I was just crying in the toilet."

A spokesperson for Nicola however denied she was suffering from bulimia again.

In a statement, she said: "There was an argument in the house and certain things were not shown and she was sick through stress it hasn't brought back her bulimia."

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