Frankie Cocozza asks out his "perfect woman" Jodie Marsh!

Frankie Cocozza

Celebrity Big Brother runner up Frankie Cocozza has revealed how he tried - and failed - to chat up Jodie Marsh.

Frankie met the model during last month’s Channel 5 series, with Jodie entering the house to a set a special fitness task for the group.

The cheeky teenager was quick to fall for the petite redhead, telling CBB pal Gareth Thomas that Jodie was his “perfect woman”.

Speaking to Now magazine, Frankie revealed this week: "I want a girlfriend, yeah. But she needs to be small with dyed red hair, piercings, tattoos and be Scouse.

"I texted Jodie to ask her out. I f**king love her. But she's having none of it. Anyway, she couldn't handle me."

He added: "I like piercings and tattoos, that's just what does it for me."