Big Brother 2012: Producers promise a more mixed selection of housemates

Big Brother 2012

Big Brother 2012 producers have promised a "wide variety of characters" for this year's show, after criticism over last year’s line up.

Producer Katy Smith admitted to The Herald yesterday that the casting for the previous series was a "mistake".

"Last year we were very pushed for time and we didn't come to Scotland, which was a mistake," she said. "Channel 5 had asked for a dynamic mix of young and attractive housemates, though that's as far as the instructions went, and that's what we gave them.

"This year we want a wide variety of characters – as wide as possible. Big Brother is extremely important to Channel 5 and they are relying on us to make this series the best it possibly can be."

Show producer Jamie Sutcliffe added: "We have some surprises lined up, of course, but it all hangs on finding people the viewers want to watch.

"We are trying to make it as varied as possible this year as last year was fairly London-centric and a fairly young group. We've learned from that. Celebrity Big Brother was a huge success and now we're focusing on building on and consolidating that success by keeping the viewers who tuned in for that."

Big Brother 2012 will start on Channel 5 in May.

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