'My dead pet fish told me to audition': TellyMix visits the Big Brother 2012 auditions!

Big Brother 2012

Big Brother is back on our screens next month, and we went behind the scenes at auditions earlier this year to see the types of housemates we can expect!

In its twelfth year now, it's very clear that Big Brother attracts a certain type of person to audition to the show, and this was certainly apparent this year.

We saw quite a few familiar faces, we're quite embarrassed to admit, from the likes of Coach Trip, Come Dine With Me and other shows that many former housemates happened to have appeared on before entering the house.

Asked why they were entering, the responses from most were the same: Fame, Money, Wanting to be TV presenter.

Although some were a bit more imaginative to say the least.

Pretty blonde Georgie, who had turned up at the try outs alone, revealed how her idea of taking part in Big Brother had come to her in a dream, from her dead pet Gold Fish.

We'd love to know how her story of aquatic epiphany went down with producers, as the hopeful housemates took part in a day long audition for the new series.

One thing that stood out to us as we chatted to the wannabes was that this year will no doubt see a much diverse selection of housemates.

Channel 5 last year focused their search on 18-30 year olds in just two English cities, a decision which exec producer Katy Smith says was a mistake.

"Last year we were very pushed for time and we didn’t come to Scotland, which was a mistake,” she said. “Channel 5 had asked for a dynamic mix of young and attractive housemates, though that’s as far as the instructions went, and that’s what we gave them.

“This year we want a wide variety of characters – as wide as possible. Big Brother is extremely important to Channel 5 and they are relying on us to make this series the best it possibly can be.”

And fortunately there was plenty of variety on display at the auditions, with a father and daughter duo hoping to be the first ever inside the house. After experimenting with couples, twins and sisters over the years, it seems like the logical next step.

Although we're not sure what 57-year-old Steve, an experienced publisher, and 22-year-old daughter Rose, a nurse, would have to gain from the show.

Will any of them make it into the house? We'll have to wait and see!

Big Brother 2012 hits Channel 5 in May.

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