Frankie Cocozza hunts for a new girlfriend at the Big Brother auditions in London

Frankie Cocozza (Celebrity Big Brother)

Former Celebrity Big Brother housemate Frankie Cocozza spent last weekend on the hunt for a new girlfriend as Big Brother auditions hit London.

The 18-year-old, who was on hand to help whittle down the thousands of wannabes who turned up to audition, ended up looking for someone to settle down with!

“I’m single but want a girlfriend so I cannot get so drunk and not sit down all day to write songs,” he told the Daily Express.

Describing his "perfect woman", Frankie added: “I want someone small, from Liverpool, with dyed red hair, piercings and tattoos.”

Discussing his time in the house last month, runner up Frankie explained: “They ask for advice but I don’t really know what to say apart from be patient. I couldn’t last as long as they will have to in this Big Brother.

"There were times I wanted to just smash the house up. What I found weird was that I’d forget about life on the outside.”

But he added: “I would do it again, you do miss it and everyone in there. I went out with Gareth Thomas and Nicola McLean last Wednesday and spoke to Denise Welch the other week. It’s like you’re a little family.”

Big Brother 2012 starts in May on Channel 5.

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