Frankie Cocozza promises to settle down once he's slept with 100 girls

Frankie Cocozza

Former Celebrity Big Brother housemate Frankie Cocozza has promised to settle down once he's slept with 100 girls.

The sex mad teenager tells heat magazine this week that he's currently on girl 93, and will stop playing the field once he reaches his goal of 100.

And by the sounds of it, Frankie won't have too long to wait, telling the magazine that his favourite pick up line - "you're fit, do you want it?" now has a 100 per cent success rate these days thanks to his fame.

He adds: "I’m on 93 now. Seven more and then I’m getting a bird. As soon as I get to 100…"

In an interview together with former TOWIE star Kirk Norcross, Frankie also boasted: "For every one person Kirk pulls, I pull 12.

"Do you know what’s good for me? That people know I’m a slag. So when I’m out, I get all the slags who are like, 'Yeah, I’ll shag him.' I’ll know they want it. But I do want a girlfriend. "

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