Big Brother 2012 auditions see sex-mad Russell Brand look-alike

Big Brother 2012

A Russell Brand look-a-like was amongst hopeful housemates auditioning for Big Brother 2012 over the weekend.

23-year-old Hairdresser Phil Norton was one of hundreds who turned up to open try outs for the new Channel 5 series as auditions hit Manchester.

Making his case to show bosses, Phil told producers that his fiancée had given him a "free pass" to have sex on the show.

He said: “She only proposed to me four days ago but she’s said I can have a free pass to have sex with anyone I fancy if I’m picked.

“I’m a horny devil and if I get chosen I would be locked up in that house for three months. I have been mistaken for Russell Brand a few times. It’s helped me get into places where I shouldn’t be.”

Amongst the other auditionees were a former WAG, a pole dancer and other reality rejects.

Talking of which, Kerry Katona was also on hand to give her opinion and advice, and told the Daily Star: “I love the show."

The 31-year-old, who finished last year's Celebrity Big Brother in second place, added: "The last one was like watching an episode of rehab. They should have just called it The Priory!”

Big Brother 2012 will air on Channel 5 this summer.

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