Celebrity Big Brother's Denise Welch says she'd rather "eat her own vomit" than sleep with Michael Madsen

Denise Welch

Celebrity Big Brother winner Denise Welch has rubbished claims she asked Michael Madsen to have sex with her in the house, saying she'd rather "eat her own vomit".

There's an image to start your morning.

Speaking to Star magazine this week, Denise sarcastically ranted: "He's Michael Madsen - he's a Hollywood movie star and has been in 75 films that no one's ever heard of apart from Reservoir Dogs. So of course I wanted to sleep with Michal - that's quite clear.

"I'm sure the public will be flocking to him and you want be able to get an interview with him becauese there will be so many others wanting to s**g him."

But she then added seriously: "I'd rather eay my own vomit! In fact, 75 bowls of it."

And blasting the Hollywood star, Denise moaned: "He's a dick!

"The fact is I made the mistake of trying to understand why he didn't like me.

"I didn't think yhe was amazing because I'd nevr seen him before"

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