Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Natalie Cassidy claims she was robbed of winning!

Natalie Cassidy (Celebrity Big Brother)

Celebrity Big Brother's Natalie Cassidy has claimed she was "robbed" after being evicted from the show before the final.

Speaking to new magazine, Natalie blamed the show's new Vote To Save system for her exit.

"From what I'm hearing, people didn't vote because they thought I was safe," she said. "I think the vote to evict worked better."

And Natalie hit out at twins Karissa and Kristina, who finished fifth in last Friday's final.

She moaned: "Their confidence is so high, it came over as arrogance. You should have more consideration.

"I feel a bit robbed. They were the only people who made me feel angry."

Bitchy Natalie also blasted "absolutely" boring Georgia Salpa and "insecure" Andrew Stone, but defended Frankie and Kirk's sexual comments.

"I've got nephews Frankie's age and that's what they're like, so, to me, it's totally water off a duck's back. It was lovely to have them in the house because they brought life into it," she said.

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