Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Karissa and Kristina land own reality TV series?

Kristina and Karissa

Celebrity Big Brother twins Karissa and Kristina have apparently landed their own reality telly series!

Despite finishing fifth on last Friday's Big Brother final, and exiting to huge boos from the crowd, the pair revealed they were already set to start filming their own show.

The blonde duo will give viewers a "no-holds-barred look at their life," the Daily Star reports today.

“I think we’re going to call it A Double Life. You will see what we are really like, how mad our world is," Karissa told the newspaper today.

Kristina added: “We’ve got so much going on. We are recording more music, looking at film scripts and we have our fitness DVD coming out.”

And quick to cash in on their fame over here, the twins are also writing a book on their time in the Playboy mansion.

Kristina said: “I saw people having sex in the grotto. The next day that was a no-go area. There would be panties and broken glass everywhere.”

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