Jonathan Ross wants to enter Celebrity Big Brother next year!

Jonathan Ross

Jonathan Ross has revealed he wants to take part in Celebrity Big Brother, but his wife won't let him!

Speaking at the weekend, the chat show host claimed that his "sensible" other half had banned him from appearing on the reality show.

He explained: "She won't let me go on for the very reason that I'll probably bring shame on the family and end my career."

But Jonathan, who currently presents a Saturday night ITV1 show, insisted he would enjoy the experience.

"I want to go in because from the outside it seems impossible to know what it'll be like in there, but it seems like such a strange experience so I'd like to experience it on that level," he said.

He continued: "I don't think I would win but I’d have fun in there, I would love to have spent time with Gareth and got to like Frankie a lot.

"I would happily go nude, I spent a lot of time naked, I’d like people to see what I’ve got."

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