Celebrity Big Brother: Karissa and Kristina 'attacked in their hotel'

Kristina and Karissa

Playboy twins Karissa and Kristina were left in lockdown insider their hotel room after leaving Celebrity Big Brother at the weekend after being attacked by angry viewers.

The American beauties had to 'beef up' security around the North London hotel on Saturday night, the Daily Star Sunday reports.

“We had people shouting through the window at us and others banging on the door," Karissa told the newspaper.

“I was freaking out – it wasn’t safe. The hotel had to take out our phone after people kept calling pretending to be our family and disguising their voices.”

She continued: “Because people were booing us and were so aggressive we were really scared of what would happen. We thought someone might burst into our room and attack us. We felt safe once we had security to protect us. Only then could we go to sleep.”

The girls finished fifth on the show, the first housemates to leave during the final on Friday night.

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