Celebrity Big Brother: Michael Madsen claims Denise Welch 'begged him for sex'

Michael Madsen (Celebrity Big Brother)

Michael Madsen has claimed that Celebrity Big Brother winner Denise Welch 'begged him for sex' in scenes cut from the show.

It follows reports this morning that Denise has been having an eight-month affair behind her husband's back.

Speaking ot the Daily Star Sunday after his exit from the show on Friday, Michael said: "She offered to sleep with me a number of times – she just kept trying.

“I couldn’t understand why she was pressing me to do that. But she was deadly serious. I know quite a bit about women and I know when a girl is being serious – and she definitely wanted it to happen.

“It made me sick to my stomach – the idea repulsed me. If I was stranded on a desert island I would rather f**k a coconut tree.

“She walked up to me on the last night and said ‘Why don’t we just go and f**k right now?’.”

And the Hollywood actor confessed he couldn't understand how the Loose Women star managed to win the series.

"Having Denise there ruined my experience – every housemate felt the same," he moaned. “The people that voted for her weren’t living under the same roof."

Michael added: "We were all in fear of the way she behaved when she had a drink – we got fed-up with it. It was sad. We all felt really embarrassed for her.”

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