Celebrity Big Brother interview: Twins talk game playing, boos and pantsgate

Kristina and Karissa

Celebrity Big Brother 2012 came to a close last night as the five finalists left the house one by one, and we got the chance to chat to them just hours later.

In a far less glamorous setting than the Big Brother house you see on the telly, we first had a talk with the twins... after a short wait for their agent.

And no doubt helped by all of the booze they had consumed, the pair opened up about their time on the show.

“We're naturally competitive, and we came in to the Big Brother house to win,” they said defiantly.

However, the duo admitted to being rather unprepared for what they were letting themselves in for.

Karissa explained: “We’d never seen Big Brother and never heard of it, we didn’t know anyone and why they were celebrities. The most important thing to us was to be accepted by you guys and we wanted our true selves to come out.

“When they look at us they see us as Playboy dumb blondes who are very fake,” she added, before quipping: “But you know, I fixed the Hoover!”

They brushed off the booing in the only way they could, by insisting how humble they’d been on the show.

“We're very humble, sweet girls and we just wanted to be accepted. If anyone's booing us, we've been ourselves the whole time, so I don’t care,” Kristina said.

For a brief moment, the twins even admitted to not really being as confident as they had portrayed, with Karissa saying: “We put on this hard shell for everybody, and it was hard for me to cry on TV and stuff...”

And on the topic of pantsgate, Karissa had no shortage of words.

She revealed: “Me and Kristina want to be taken seriously, we know we’re Playboy models blah, blah, blah but we want to be taken seriously as business women and don’t want to be looked at like sex symbols or just sexy girls with big bums.

“When she pulled down my pants it sucked because I’ve been trying so hard on this show not to be the sexy person who gets her tits out and instead be taken seriously and funny. So when she pulled my pants down it just... I was embarrassed, honestly.”

Kristina added: “The worst thing about it was [Denise] said ‘Oh, that’s how the twins make a living’

“We've only done one centrefold... Kirk’s girlfriend is a pornstar, if Frankie wants to fook [sic] her, it wouldn't happen. It was disrespectful. We just want to be taken seriously.”

Karissa continued: “I tried so hard and have morals so when Denise pulled my pants down... in a normal girls’ night with no cameras, I honestly wouldn't have cared but with so many cameras...

“I didn’t want to cry on TV but when she said 'That’s what you do for a living' it's like... I was 18 when I posed nude for playboy and I haven’t posed nude since and I won’t. It’s like, it just hurt me so, so bad when she said that. I want to be taken seriously.”

So, will she be suing Channel 5 for airing the clips?

“Oh no, no, no... was that aired?” she laughed, “That's just an American thing,” she added giggling.

But Karissa insisted that, despite what may have been seen on the telly, they’re all now pals.

“Me, Kristina and Denise made up about that. An hour before walking out of the house, Denise said, ‘You know what, I don’t care what you girls said, I’ve said some things too but we're all walking out of here tonight'

“And we're going on the Loose Women show!”

But it seems she still can’t quite let pantsgate go, continuing: “We're getting older and eventually I want to be a mum, I don't just want to be known for my boobs and my butt hanging out on TV.

“Just because we done Playboy doesn’t mean we're going to be going on TV getting our tits out.”

To which Kristina joked: “We weren't the ones getting our tits out in the Jacuzzi!”

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