Celebrity Big Brother 2012 news: Gareth Thomas blasts game playing twins!

Gareth Thomas

Celebrity Big Brother housemate Gareth Thomas has blasted Playboy twins Karissa and Kristina following last night's live final.

Having sat on the fence a lot during his time in the house, Gareth didn't hold back when we got the chance to speak to him last night, just an hour after finishing third on the show.

Speaking about the game playing going on between the housemates, Gareth repeated what he had said in the Diary Room: "The whole thing would've been a sham if I walked out of there and realised somebody in the house was playing a game against the other people in the house."

He told us how he had "just figured out ten minutes ago" how much of a game the twins were playing, and he wasn't pleased.

"They ain't dumb," he told us, "They are the most switched on motherf**kers I've ever met in my life, I'll tell you now. You try and bluff them, I'll guarantee they'll come down on you like a pound of cheese.

"To think that it was naivety or dumbness, there's f**king no chance."

And the Welsh rugby player added: "You know what, in all honestly, I would never want to f**king set eyes on them again in my entire life".


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