Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Denise Welch puzzled by 'alien' twin’s popularity

Denise Welch

You’d think with just hours until the Celebrity Big Brother final, the housemates wouldn’t be too concerned with game plans or bitching, but it seems there's little else to while away the time in the house!

Speaking this morning to Michael (apparently they're friends again now), Denise revealed her confused feelings and thoughts on the twins, describing the pair as an "alien force".

She explained: "Sometimes I feel like a mum to them and sometimes they're like an alien force.

"I've never met anyone so confident and conceited as them. That's no criticism, they just are."

And the TV star confessed to being confused as to why they were being kept in the public.

"There is something about the twins that are keeping them in, but I don't know why. Why are they keeping them in?" she asked.

Denise also admitted to be being puzzled by the crowd, recalling: "They all 'boo' Nicola and 'yay' Natalie, but Natalie goes."

All will be revealed tonight, Denise!

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