Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Twins 'hate Frankie Cocozza', claims Romeo!

Frankie Cocozza

Evicted Celebrity Big Brother housemate Romeo has claimed that twins Karissa and Kristina have it in for Frankie Cocozza, even telling the other housemates they had phoned the police on him.

Speaking to the Daily Star today after his exit on Wednesday, Romeo claimed the pair tried to wind up the teenager in a bid to get him to "kick off."

“The twins came out of the diary room. They ran around shouting that they had told Big Brother they had asked for the police to come claiming he was sexually harassing them," Romeo revealed.

“Frankie had been flirting with them the whole time they had been there. But he was just being Frankie. And I think that night they were just plucking at reasons to kick off.

“They had a dislike for him. Any ammo they had on him they threw it up that night."

But Romeo insisted that the 19-year-old stood his ground.

The former rapper explained: “Frankie was just Frankie and he took it on the chin. He went to the diary room to talk to Big Brother about it. I think deep down he wasn’t worried about being arrested.

“Frankie’s banter was a bit disrespectful at times but after I had a word with him he toned it down.”

Nicola McLean, also evicted on Wednesday, also defended the youngster, saying: "He didn’t sexually harass anyone.

“I didn’t find him offensive. He behaved exactly how a 19-year-old lad would in a house with Playboy twins and models."

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