Celebrity Big Brother 202: Romeo makes his move on Georgia!

Romeo (Celebrity Big Brother)

It seems like Romeo could be making his move on Georgia inside the Celebrity Big Brother house, after Kirk gave up trying to win over the Irish model.

The rapper shared an intimate chat last night as they sat on opposite sofas in the garden.

He mentioned how “cute” it is that one of her eyes is off centre, to which Georgia laughed and told him that as a child she wore an eye-patch or glasses and had curly hair, “I looked like a pirate.”

They laughed together as Romeo tells her that as a kid, he had a big afro “like the Jackson 5.” He added that he has gradually got to know her and says she is “proper cool.”

“You’re a gentleman,” Georgia replied, with Romeo commenting, “I’m not perfect.”

As they make their way toward the house Romeo asked her how she is getting on with Kirk, but it was met with only giggles from the brunette beauty.

“He’s not your type?” he asked as the pair walked back towards the house together.

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