Celebrity Big Brother 2012: The 'three little pigs' complete their task

Romeo, Frankie and Kirk

For this week's shopping task, the Celebrity Big Brother 2012 housemates have become fairy tale characters, with Romeo, Frankie and Kirk taking on the role of the three pigs after being branded the greediest housemates.

For their part of the task, whenever the trio hear “I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your house down!” they will have 60 seconds to run to their house in the garden and prevent the Wicked Wolf from blowing their house away.

If the Three Little Pigs fail to stop their house from blowing out of the circle, they will fail their challenge and lose 100 coins from the shopping budget.

The task got off to a start last night, so how did the pigs get on? Watch the video below to see them in action!

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