Big Brother 2011: Alex and Tom celebrate their birthday!

Tom and Alex

Today is Alex’s birthday (tomorrow is Tom’s) so today they will be celebrating a joint birthday. in the Big Brother 2011 house In order to win the elements of their birthday party they will have to complete the following tasks...

Macarena Marathon
Every time Big Brother plays the Macarena song, Tom and Alex must get to the small stage in the living room within 30 seconds, and dance the Macarena until the music stops. If they do this successfully they will win music for the party.

Recipe For Disaster
In the diary room Tom and Alex will have to eat all the ingredients to a birthday cake separately. The cake recipe includes, flour, eggs, sugar, butter, baking powder and chocolate icing. They will also have to eat one birthday candle. If the manage this they will win food and drinks for the party.

It’s A Wrap
Tom and Alex will both have to completely wrapped, head to toe, in birthday wrapping paper, meaning they won’t be able to see a thing. They must stay that way until further notice to win birthday presents. While they are wrapped up Big Brother will give they other housemates all the food and decorations for the party, the housemates must secretly set up the party while Tom and Alex are wrapped up. They will then surprise the birthday couple by un-wrapping them and revealing the party.