Big Brother 2011: Housemates must impress Kym Woodburn in latest task!

Big Brother 2011 house

For this week’s shopping task, housemate’s have already been awarded their luxury £300 shopping budget so Big Brother has given housemates pristine white suits and dresses to celebrate!

However, housemates have a special squeaky-clean guest to impress and Kym Woodburn will be inspecting how clean the Big Brother house truly is.

Kym will inspect everyone’s white outfits at the end of the day. For every outfit that Kym deems dirty, Big Brother will deduct money from the housemate’s luxury budget as a cleaning charge. However, keeping clean would be all too simple without the interference of Big Brother who will be setting challenges throughout the day to make them dirty.

Hit 1: Bloody Awful Marys
One housemate will be called to the diary room and asked to collect a tray of tall glasses of tomato juice to take back to the house for their fellow housemates. However, when they return to the hallway they will find a series of paint-covered hurdles to climb over.

Hit 2: Lady and the (dirty old) tramp
Housemates sit opposite each other on electronic rocking horses. They must feed each other pea soup with long wooden spoons whilst rocking backwards and forwards.


Hit 3: The paint bomb
One housemate will be called to the diary room. In the diary room will be a balloon filled with foam and food colouring that is slowly inflating. The housemate will be told that the balloon will explode in 60 seconds. The housemate must protect themselves by wrapping themselves in cling film before the balloon pops.

Hit 4: Finders Keepers
Two housemates will enter the Small Task room which has been dressed with lots of shelves, boxes, objects and the door locks behind them. In the middle of the room is a huge box locked by a padlock. An alarm will sound and Big Brother will explain that the room will self destruct in 60 seconds. The housemates must find the key that has been hidden in the room, open the padlock and get inside the box to protect themselves from the impending implosion.

Hit 5: Hallway Mission Impossible
A housemate will be called to the diary room. When leaving, the hallway to the house will have a web of paint covered threads strung across the hallway that the housemate must negotiate through to re-enter the house.

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