Big Brother 2011 housemates to play 'Egg Roulette'!

Big Brother Alex Diary Room

Today, Big Brother will be testing to see if the remaining housemates will crack under the pressure in a game of Egg Roulette! It's sure to be a messy evening for the group...

There are 17 eggs lined up in eggs cups. 13 are hard boiled and four are raw eggs. In alphabetical order, housemates must stand on a red cross and pick a housemate to egg. The chosen housemate must stand on a blue cross, facing them.

The choosing housemate must then pick an egg to splat on the other housemate’s forehead. The aim of the game is to eliminate housemates by choosing the raw eggs. Any housemates who are egged with the raw eggs will be removed from the game.

However, if a housemate picks a boiled egg, then both they and the chosen housemate will remain in the game.

The game will continue until all four raw eggs have been cracked and two winners have been announced. The two winners who walk away without egg on their faces will win an egg-cellent roast chicken dinner with all of the trimmings this evening.

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