Big Brother 2011 housemates set chipmunk singing task!

Big Brother 2011 house

For today’s Big Brother 2011 task the remaining housemates will become chipmunks. They will dress like chipmunks, and sing like chipmunks in order to win a hibernation-themed party later on this evening.

Since chipmunks’ love to sing, housemates will take it in turns to perform a track whilst their Housemates guess what they are singing.

Housemates take it in turns to perform a popular song in the Small Task Room. The remaining housemates will watch the performance on the plasma screen and at the end of the performance must guess what song is being sung. The singing housemate’s voice will be distorted to sound chipmunk like.

The songs they will be singing are:

• I Think We’re Alone Now – Tiffany
• Dancing In The Moonlight – Toploader
• Love Machine – Girls Aloud
• Wild Thing – The Troggs
• More, More, More – Bananarama
• Bleeding Heart – Leona Lewis

By taking part in today’s task, housemates can win a hibernation-themed party for tonight. The quality of the party will depend on how many songs they correctly guess correctly. The chipmunk’s party scale is as follows:

Peanut Party
For less than 2 songs guessed correctly, Housemates will receive:
• 1 x play of Chipmunk’s “Champion”
• 1 x bowl of peanuts

Hazel Nut Party
For 3 or 4 songs guess correctly, Housemates will receive:
• 2 x play of Chipmunk’s “Champion”
• 2 x bottles of beer
• 1 x bottle of wine
• 1 x bowl of mixed nuts

Giant Brazil Nut Party
For 5 or 6 songs guessed correctly, Housemates will receive:
• Cosy hibernation suits
• A takeaway of Housemates’ choice
• A selection of soft and alcoholic drinks
• A selection of popular music tracks as chosen by Housemates
• A selection of sweet treats
• 1 x bowl of mixed nuts

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