Big Brother 2011: Jay, Harry and Tom win wrestling task!

Jay McKray

Earlier today, Big Brother housemates took part in a sock wrestling Task, as they battled in pairs to win a special prize this evening! Big Brother provided housemates with some props to create their wrestling outfits and alter egos, with the group coming up with some inventive names.

Louise named herself ‘Kitten the killer’, while Harry went for a not-at-all egotistical ‘The King’. Tom opted for 'The ankle biter’, Alex chose simply ‘Goldie’ and Jay decided ‘The dark destroyer’. Faye meanwhile kept her actual wrestling name, 'Darcy Steele'

Aaron became the referee for the afternoon, and was able to set up the pairings for the wrestling matches. He chose Jay against Alex, Harry against Louise, and Faye against Tom. Harry and Louise took to the ring first – it was a fine attempt from kitten the killer but in the end, the King took the crown.

Jay and Alex went second – it was a brutal match, and despite doing all she could to ‘sock’ it to him, sadly ‘Goldie’ was simply no match for Jay ‘The Dark Destroyer’ McKray.

Finally, resident wrestler Faye went head to head with Tom, and it was a shock outcome as underdog Tom defeated the professional in a long drawn out battle.

As winners of their matches, Jay ‘The Dark Destroyer’, Harry ‘The King’ and Tom ‘The ankle-biter’ will all be receiving a reward for their win in due course.

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