Big Brother 2011 housemates given wrestling task!

Aaron Allard-Morgan (Big Brother 2011)

Today, Big Brother has set up a real wrestling ring in the garden ahead of an extra special wrestling task. In pairs, housemates will be battling it out to whip the socks off their opponent’s feet whilst inside the ring!

Aaron is the referee with the responsibility of choosing which housemates will go head to head – or sock to sock as the case may be. He will be monitoring any foul play and announcing the winner for each round.

Housemates will be transformed into wrestlers, creating their own wrestling styles from a fancy dress box. They will need to use their imaginations to create their ultimate wrestling alter ego and come up with a wrestling name before emerging into the ring.

The pairs enter the ring one at a time and each must kneel on all fours, facing each other at the start of the bout. On hearing the bell, the opponents must try to grab the socks off of their opponent. The wrestler to grab both socks first will be announced as the winner. Aaron the referee will hold up the hand of the winning wrestler.

The three sock wrestling winners will receive a reward later.

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