Big Brother 2011: Housemates win £300 in shopping task

Louis Cliffe

Yesterday, Big Brother housemates Jay, Jem and Louise become punters and had to bet on their fellow housemates in order to win money for this week’s shopping budget. So how well did they do? Read on to find out!

For the first four hits, Punters had to place a £50 stake. For their final bet, Punters could bet as much as they liked and would either double their stake or lose everything.

Punters bet two out of the five bets correctly, winning £300 for their shopping budget this week.

Bet 1: Alex’s chocolate balls
The Punters had to bet how many chocolate balls Alex would eat when offered them by Big Brother. The Punters had the option of 0-20 balls, 21-40 balls or 41+ balls. Punters bet that Alex would eat 21-40 chocolate balls.
RESULT: Alex managed to eat 21 chocolate balls so the Punters won their bet, turning their cash total to £300.

Bet 2: Tom bab
The Punters had to bet how many times Tom would say “bab” in the following 30 minutes. Out of the options 0-2 times, 3-5times or 6+ times, the Punters bet that Tom would say “bab” 3-5 times.
RESULT: In the first 20 minutes after the bet was placed, Tom didn’t say “bab” at all. However, Louise gave him a coded message from the large task room and shouted “Alright bab” making him realise what the bet may be. Tom proceeded to say “bab” 15 times. Punters therefore lost their bet, taking their budget down to £250.

Bet 3: Is Faye as clever as a ten year old?
The Punters had to bet on whether Faye would answer more questions correctly than a ten year old. Punters chose that she wouldn’t be cleverer than a ten year old.
RESULT: Faye managed to beat the ten year old, Billy, by 2 points and therefore proved she was cleverer than a ten year old. The Punters lost their bet and the budget went down to £200.

Bet 4: The Chase
The Punters were asked to bet on how long it would take for the housemates (dressed as hounds) to remove the fox’s tail. Harry was dressed as the fox. Out of the following options – 0-1 minute, 1-2 minutes, 2+ minutes – the Punters bet that housemates would take over 2 minutes to remove Harry the fox’s tail.
RESULT: It only took 15 seconds for housemate hounds to remove Harry’s tail meaning the Punters failed and the budget went down to £150.

Final Bet: Karaoke King?
For the final bet, the Punters were allowed to bet as much of their £150 cash total on the answer of their choice. They were asked which karaoke track Aaron would choose to sing in front of the housemates and they bet their full winnings of £150 on Aaron choosing to sing a song from High School Musical.
RESULT: Aaron did choose to sing the High School Musical song meaning that the Punters doubled their winnings and won a shopping budget of £300.

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