Big Brother 2011 housemates to gamble the shopping budget!

Big Brother 2011 house

Today, Big Brother will set housemates a gamble of a shopping task as three housemates will be gambling the entire shopping budget on the outcome of a series of five hits that the rest of the housemates will come up against during the day.

Big Brother will ask for the three most observant, calculating and risk-taking housemates to enter the BB Bookies in the large task room. They will then be asked to bet on the outcome of a series of five hits which will occur in the house during the day.

With a £250 shopping budget to play with, the housemates need to bet correctly.

For the first four bets, they must stake £50. If they bet correctly, they will double their money receiving a pay out of £100. If they bet incorrectly they will lose their original £50 stake.

For the final bet, there will be no limit and a list of hits will be sent as soon as housemates have decided which one of them will be placing the bet.

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