Big Brother 2011: Who nominated who - Week 7!

Big Brother 2011 Diary Room chair

It's Jem and Aaron who face the latest Big Brother 2011 eviction this Friday, but who nominated them? Well, in a twist, it was none of their housemates! Instead, this week it was the friends and family of the housemates who entered the diary room!

Aaron’s brother was first up, and voted for Jem and Jay.

Alex’s mum the nominated for Faye and Jem

Shockinly, Faye’s mum voted for Aaron and Harry, which is sure to cause a stir amongst the house.

Jem’s boyfriend voted also voted Aaron and Harry.

Harry’s girlfriend meanwhile voted for Jay and Jem

Jay’s mum first nominated Aaron, and then voted for Faye.

Louise’s mum voted for Aaron and Harry

Finally, Tom’s mum nominated Aaron and Jem

Therefore with 4 and 5 nominations respectively, Jem and Aaron will face eviction.

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