Big Brother 2011 housemates set Distraction task

Big Brother 2011 house

Big Brother today set the housemates a task of concentration and the ability to remain focused, as they were challenged to not give up and submit Big Brother’s sneaky distractions around them…

Housemates will be called individually to the diary room where they must sit behind a clear Perspex screen which has two paralleled squiggling lines drawn onto it, and two dots. The aim of the game is for each person to draw a continuous line from the red dot to the blue dot, whilst keeping it in between the two lines.

If a Housemate goes outside of the lines or takes the pen off the sheet they will incur a 10 second penalty for each time they do this.

Sounds pretty simple, but this is Big Brother...

After 10 seconds, someone will step into the Diary room with each housemate and cause a little scene around them in attempt to cause a ‘distraction’. Visitors are as follows:

Alex: a handsome butler serving from a chocolate fountain.
Harry: a sexy French maid, cleaning the Diary Room.
Jem: a disco dancing diva gyrating to a funky track.
Tom: a fireman stripper.
Faye: a clown blowing, releasing and popping balloons.
Jay: a sexy waitress serving his favourite trifle.
Aaron: a little boy armed with silly string.
Louise: a topless fat man doing armpit farts.

The Housemate, who is the least distracted and draws the longest continuous line in the shortest time, will win a very special reward later today…

But who will keep themselves in line, and who will find themselves unable to connect the dots…keep it here for the results.

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