Big Brother 2011: Jemma Palmer asks to leave... again!

Jem Palmer

Big Brother 2011 housemate Jemma Palmer has asked to leave the show, for a second time within a week. After first saying she wanted to go Thursday night, the female wrestler was persuaded to stay by her fellow housemates, but late last night she asked Big Brother to quit the show.

Telling sister Faye about her decision, the pair had a long dispute about Jem argument, which began to get quite heated, with Faye saying she couldn’t go on in this experience without her.

As the argument got heated, Jem ended up telling Faye that she was giving her a final opportunity to say ‘goodbye’ before she walked, and at one stage even threatening to escape out the fire exit instead of waiting for Big Brother.

Soon the other housemates got involved, with Jay taking Jem around as Faye cried outside the Diary room.

The sisters then went off to chat to Big Brother about leaving...

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