Big Brother 2011: Housemates to watch audition VTs in latest task

Aaron and Faye

For today’s Big Brother 2011 task, the housemates will become rowers, boating their way to victory. Up for grabs is a prize sure to cause chaos in the house, the chance to watch audition VTs of the group!

Housemates must divide themselves into two teams of four before changing into rower costumes.

Housemates then go through to the Garden, where they find two groups of rowing machines. Each team member must take a seat on a rowing machine.

On hearing the klaxon both teams must start rowing. If a Housemate stops rowing then they will be eliminated and sent to the benches for the rest of task.

The last Housemate rowing will win the task for their team. The team that win will have the rare opportunity to choose which 4 Housemates audition tapes they would like to watch. The winning team can choose to watch any of the remaining 8 Housemates tapes, including their own.

In addition, the last Housemate rowing will also win a special personal prize.

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